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Mogellons appeared slightly after Chemtrails and has entire foundations setup to assist with the research and awareness of the condition. What exactly is morgellons? Mogellons is simply when the body attempts to push the nano-fibers out through the skin because there is no other way to correct the problem. Your body's immune system cannot recognize or cope with the nano-fibers (and to a greater extent the BioAPI implants) at all and doesn't even recognize there is a problem or foreign body to begin with.

The real question is, what more or less sparks Mogellons. There are two answers to this question from what I understand. One is intentional, one is a mistake.

Accidental Infliction

An operation as large as the installation of a BioAPI in every man, women and child on the planet is no small feat. It's massive. Anyone can guess there's going to be some unforeseen side effects. Morgellons is one of them. As the nano-fibers saturate your body cavity somewhere along the way they screw up. The only way the body (as opposed to your immune system) can do anything is to simply push them out through your skin. But the skin is a barrier because the fibers are too large. So the skin breaks up which is why people get lesions. Note that technically everyone has morgellons (nano-fibers in general), the actual mogellon's symptoms are when the person's body tries to get rid of them the only way possible (through the skin).

The term Morgellons comes from the mother of a two-year old child who originally was inflicted with problem/disease in 2002 in which her mother named Mogellons Disease. What did the child (and countless others childern now - FAQ #9) do to deserve this insane fate? Nothing. That's the point of this web site is to educated the public on what these sick people are doing to you and how they are doing it. They don't care about you (which is fine, it should not be expected); the god complex of these people is staggering. They will physically force their will on to you now.

I suspect over the past few years this accidental triggering of morgellons in people has been partially fixed; in which the current version of the fibers and BioAPI payloads being sprayed are better 'programmed' if you will to reduce the probability of this problem, although it still exists.

Intentionally Triggered

The Informers (2008)

Like phase 2 in general, morgellons can be triggered by something you do. Something they do not approve of. This was the point of the movie The Informers. In this movie the hot blonde was a bit of a slut, shallow, drugs, etc. In the end they show her on the beech sick with something.

But sick with what? About 20 seconds in the video you can see how they show her skin kind of decrepit, similar to morgellons. But I agree, that's not enough of a connection. So at 56 seconds into the video they focus on a fly that lands on her leg? Why? Why show a fly? A fly is an insect, and a large majority of people who contract morgellons often say insects come out of their skin. This is what they are referring too, she contracted morgellons, and he walks away to leave her to die.

Another reference to morgellons is in Greenberg, when she's in the car and complains about a sore on her arm in this video here @ 2:00. Then he bolts immediately... because she's sick with the nano-tech (phase 2) disease. That's what they are trying to tell you. Also see the Family Guy clip.