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Mind Control & BioAPI References in the Media

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More clips are found below. Other movies should become obvious as you watch them, such as Transformers 3 (2011) when he's being controlled when he wears the decepticon wrist watch. Or Children of Men (2006), which is a proof of concept movie demonstrating how they can simply turn off everyone's ability to procreate at a push of a button, then turn if on later once the world population has been cut in half. Blindness (2008) is another movie that is real, it's a proof of concept that can easily happen tomorrow; blocking the visual cortex would be trivial, targeted individuals have various body functions (speech box, sleep, etc.) interrupted as a form of harassment all the time. Notice both Blindness and Children of Men both result in a massive population reduction? Not a coincidence. Real Steel (2011) with Hugh Jackman is another movie demonstrating what is possible. But this time it's not direct-to-motor control, it's the inverse. Jackman's body motion is digitized and reflected in a robot. Surrogates (2009) and Real Steel (2011) are the same movie. Also Source Code (2011) and The Matrix (1999) are the same movie too.

All clips on this site typically fall into one of four categories. Something outright real is being shown, something symbolic/representative of something that is real, a possibility (proof of concept), or misdirection/disinformation such as with Shutter Island (2010).

Take a look at Wrong (2012) for yourself. Maybe you can see the connections (example #1, example #2) trying to be made. As unbelievable as it is, mind-linking with your pet is real. Albeit pointless and stupid, hence the movie's title "Wrong" because it is.

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Telephone (2010)

No clip for this is needed. It simply shows kissing as a trigger which installs phase 2 of the BioAPI. So the guy would be contagious (for lack of a better word) with nano-trigger-bots.

Early in the video Lady Gaga kisses some guy. On his right shoulder is a tattoo of a hornet which apparently is symbolic of the devil in Jewish culture or something. Then later on in the movie after some dancing (transforming?) they flash the picture to the right, her head is a telephone. Telephone = BioAPI. She's now wired with phase 2, she has the nano-tech disease. Notice the phone is specifically over her left eye as that is the eye that initially gets the ocular-implant shown on the physical proof page.

This your head is the telephone is the equivalent of Stones microchip in Surrogates (2009 Clip 2) as well as the cell phone symbolically exploding in Eaters (2011), as well as Valibation (2013).

For additional music industry references see the top couple of paragraphs of page 3 of the media references, or now Ke$ha's video for C'Mon (2013).

Update 2013-03-20: Kissing as a trigger for phase 2 is also shown well in Before Dawn (2012) and is the point of the entire movie. No clip provided. At roughly 39:50 her husband is tending her zombie bite. Then kisses her - she's even like 'why are you kissing me'? The or a kiss is now connected with the zombie bite. Thats why they show it. So zombie bite [kiss] = turn into a zombie [trigger phase 2 in real life]. They then really drive it home at the very end when he turns into a zombie too but was not necessarily bit. Because its real. You'll be able to bridge the concept when you watch the movie. Just pay attention to the kiss, specifically how they end the movie showing the same kiss again in the context of multiple zombies.

Surrogates (2009)

There is no clip for Surrogates.
[Update 2012-06-21]: After reviewing Surrogates I again decided to post a clip, typically for the same reason as all the other clips. Can you guess? Yup, because it's 100% real. In this scene Bruce Willis tests out a Surrogate at a local shop. What is being demonstrated in this clip and movie is what I call Paralleling (for lack of a better label). Where a Surrogate's body/shell is being 100% merged with the mind and body of a handler/controller/computer (in this case Bruce Willis).

Understand clearly, you are the base model surrogate. Notice the sales man @ 1:21 in the clip says the surrogate is a base model, visual and hearing only. More or less exactly the same as phase 1. Because it's true, besides your mind, the only senses phase 1 compromises are basic eye sight and most likely hearing. Where phase 2 would be considered the enhanced surrogate in which your entire body becomes wired allowing for all kinds of extended functionality. This is what is considered a targeted individual where a handler completely monitors, harasses, helps, judges and ultimately controls (at least that is what they want you to think) your every move. This is what has happened to myself, which is how I know so much.

This movie is actually real on two levels. The real time remote control of people using the BioAPI by a handler is real as repeatedly shown throughout this site; and the surrogate concept is also real, where they control someone that looks and acts like they are a real person but more or less are just a shell/robot. This is the equivalent to the character David from Prometheus (2012), or the clone (Sam Bell) in Moon (2009).

There's a real life clip here trying to connect and demonstrate the power Paralleling has over people's bodies. Paralleling is called drifting in Pacific Rim (2013), because its real. You can test yourself for phase 1 here. Notice how whatever Willis's surrogate see's comes up on a monitor.

[Update 2012-12-10]: For a second clip for Surrogates (2009) and an absolutely spectacular review thereto see the BioAPI cure page here.

Why did I knock on your door!? ...put it together John!
Samuel L. Jackson - Meeting Evil (2012)    
In reference to a Minority Report (2002) pre-crime    

The Happening (2008)

There is no clip for The Happening either. It's not needed. [Update: 2012-06-15] After adding some information on memory suspension I thought it would be prudent to show a clip for The Happening, and explain exactly what is actually happening after all.

The ability to completely control someone results in the obviously possibility you can simply have them kill themselves, which is the whole point of the movie. This is reflected in this real life paralleling clip. I remember some other real life examples but forget where they are now. I'll add more as I find them. Paralleling is my fancy word for completely thinking for someone while they usually have no idea it's happening - the merging of mind and body with a handler; see the movie The Speed of Thought (2011) which is completely about Paralleling for real, albeit it is difficult to show cinematically.

So how could they get you to kill yourself? Exactly how!? They tell you, they show you, right to your face. In the very beginning of the movie (in the clip @ 0:10 and onward) listen to what she says. She forgets. 'What page was I on?' They are telling you, her memory is being suspended, then it's merely a matter of standard mind control where a handler simply thinks for you. When she says 'I forgot where I am.', that's the very first line of the entire movie. Coincidence? Or are they making it crystal clear for you. This is 100% real. It's done, in you, and includes people with phase 1.

In fact this entire movie is possible - to a greater extent it's merely a question of network programming - the increased proximity or concentration of nodes (people) relative to each other would increase the probability of having the node self destruct (kill themselves). Remember in the movie Mark Wahlberg survived because he ended up alone, separate from the herd. This movie is a proof of concept. It can happen tomorrow at the push of a button. I could easily program the logic they are demonstrating in this movie. In real life they actually are controlling people to kill themselves but only under very extreme circumstances where they believe its warranted by some unreasonable level of previously demonstrated dishonor; also see Meeting Evil (2012) for how they test people.

The clip for The Collapsed (2011) details the same thing, how memory suspension can be used to control someone to kill other people without even knowing it. The Collapsed and The Happening are the exact same movie.

To summarize, once your memory is suspended a handler (or super computer for that matter because thoughts can be sampled as shown in Pontypool (2008), note the second half of clip 2 of Pontypool from 4:18 on) thinks for you and you will act it out by proxy without stopping yourself. Notice Brad Pitt's new movie World War Z (2013), very difficult to believe and not nearly as practical as The Happening but yes - how the zombies are moving in aggregate is a valid proof of concept nonetheless. Some of these movies such as Pontypool (2008) and probably World War Z (2013) are nothing short of genius. Unlike The Happening, World War Z is not directly about the BioAPI but does quickly reference the cure and detection. Also some of these cover posters are awesome.

Phil turned on us, and tried to kill us, and didn't remember a fuckin' thing.
The Collapsed (2011)     

Clip 1 

Metropia (2009)

As with The Crazies, this movie does not hide anything. They often hide the truth in animated movies instead, after all, who would believe a cartoon? Metropia is exactly what is happening, everyone is being mind controlled on demand, as well as monitored and watched (if you have phase 2). These clips and movie are 100% real.

I randomly chose this clip to demonstrate the pushing (writing) and pulling (reading) of thoughts. This can happen to anyone in the world including you (definitely applies to people with phase 1) at the push of a button, you can essentially be told what to do and say, and you will act it out accordingly without even knowing it. This is what some people confuse with organized stalking or gangstalking.

Most people simply cannot believe this is possible, yet to a targeted individual it is common to have people around him/her act and say strange things out of context; and quite awesome actually. Again, every single thing you see in this clip is 100% real. It's not symbolic, it's not a proof of concept, it is outright real. The 'voices in his head' in and around 0:48 in the clip are not acoustic. They can do that, talk directly to someone, but 99.9% of the time they are talking (suggesting) to your subconscious, he's thinking the thought 'deny it' @ 0:48, not hearing the words. Again, this is possible in you (with phase 1), now. [Update 2012-08-04]: Also see the nice dog scene for Ultrasonic (2012) for a would be real life representation of this. Or now the recently added second clip below.

Also clearly shown is the concept of a handler (also see A Scanner Darkly (2006)) which is just some guy pulling all the strings (@ 2:00) around both a targeted individual as well as normal people such as yourself by reading your thoughts and paralleling in new thoughts on demand (@ 0:48 & @ 0:59). It's also just telling you in the second clip; it's self explanatory. Mind Control is actually a crude description but I still use it, it's ultimately much more sophisticated than that. Notice they zoom in on his eye @ 1:54 and then out @ 2:02 in the clip to represent the connection with his handler. His eye? Why? Hmm, I wonder, let's take a look shall we?

Notice @ 1:49 in the clip the subway poster 'LISTEN TO THE INNER YOU', because they're in your head (via nano-tech) and telling you. You're wired. You reading this, right now. This clip and Apocalypto (2006) when combined are the two most important clips on this site and thereby accurately summarize a century of technological advancement and the purpose thereto.

Clip 2 

[Update 2012-10-17]: This movie is too important so I've created another clip that accurately reflects corporate shampoo and to a lesser extent beauty care products (not all) as a trigger for phase 2. This is how most women will end up with phase 2, where most men would probably get it via red meat. Notice how accurately they demonstrate mind control in action @ 1:30 when he is forced to drink against his will. Also notice how the shampoo is shown to seep into his scalp @ 0:38 (as if it's delivering something) as he washes his hair, hence the shampoo is the source of the mind control (and in real life phase 2 of the BioAPI).

The main point of this second clip to the right is to show you how they portray the corporate shampoo in a very evil and negative way @ 0:31 when it focuses on the ingredients as if there is something in the shampoo that should not be; and at 3:10, as well as throughout the whole movie for that matter. Again, the concept of a handler is shown @ 3:36 thru 4:10. The entire movie is clearly and intentionally connecting the corporate shampoo with mind control and could not be more accurate or real.

The mind control device is nearing completion...
Stewie - Family Guy (1999)     

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

The Adjustment Bureau is essentially real. Accept for the walking through walls part and time oriented stuff. Anything involved in controlling another person is accurate. It's trying to show how they control, manipulate and harass someone using the BioAPI by managing and manipulating the environment around them. It's (partially) outright real at times, and other times it's symbolic. The movie portrays Matt Damon after kissing (a trigger to install phase 2 of the BioAPI - see Earthkiller (2011) for additional information) some women becomes a targeted individual. In this clip people are frozen as Matt Damon walks into the office. This is equivalent to the real life clip here where the CNN announcer women is in a trance; as well as The Happening (2007) where people are shown to simply stand there in a suspended state.

They can remotely control anyone on the planet at will to do virtually anything on demand. The only different between phase 1 and phase 2 and people being controlled in phase 1 (probably) must be conscious they are doing it (I'm 99% sure of this). With phase 2 (and phase 1) your consciousness can be actually turned off (or more accurately your memory is suspended). This is what they are primarily showing you. Also see Control Factor (2003).

Note the end of the clip shows some strange stuff with people standing around in the board room, this is just a metaphor reflecting how they create a unique environment/illusion or a false reality by controlling people around someone (a targeted individual). So don't take the end of the clip as 100% real. This also applies to several scenes throughout the movie - for example Damon is shown directly talking to the people (good and bad, screenshot here) doing this to him, that doesn't happens in real life. But they do try to split your reality like that (it's annoying at best).

Another example in the movie (not in the clip) is at about 47:40 when Damon is trying to hail a taxi. The people controlling him (handlers if you will) do not want him to get into to the taxi. What's the best solution? Get into a car accident. Coincidence? No, that's the power of a BioAPI, anyone can be controlled to do anything, so they simply had someone smash into the taxi. That's why it's shown in the movie. It's real. It's also real when Damon and the women are on the bus and she puts his Blackberry in his coffee. She's trying to make him mad but doesn't know it.

To summarize, every single scene in this movie in its individual capacity is real to some degree; as well as the aggregate of the scenes in general in which constitute an overall "program" which is very well engineered to manipulate and warp the reality of someone who has become targeted. This is what the movie is about. This can, has or very well may be happening to you right now as the first part of the program involves only monitoring (aka 'EVERYTHING YOU DO WILL BE RECORDED' @ 0:41 in A Scanner Darkly (2006) trailer below).

... nice dog.
Ultrasonic (2012)     

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

This is the trailer for A Scanner Darkly. This movie is a clear demonstration of how a group of people are monitoring the public at large including yourself. It also loosely shows the compartmentalization of information within the program itself, as no one knows who the other guy is. The system is designed to pit the public against the public. That's the point.

This movie is held in the same capacity as the above Metropia (2009) clip, again showing how a handler is watching you (when Keanu Reeves as a handler comes home from work @ 1:45 in the clip). You, reading this, right now can be or eventually will be watched, monitored and judged. On the front page of this site the fourth slide actually shows a reference to the command center where people are doing the monitoring (same with the clip cover). Ultimately it's a super computer (for example 'the network' in The Worlds End (2013)) that is automating the harassment and monitoring and is covered below with Android Insurrection (2012). Actual handlers or people are typically only involved during the decision process to decide to make someone outright targeted or to conclude if it's necessary to terminate (kill) someone because they are too much of a threat to the public. Reeves tells you exactly this @ 0:07 thru 0:17 with 'whatever it is that's watching... it's not human'.

It's real, you just need to know exactly how, nano-implants delivered by chemtrails, that's how.

[Update 2012-12-10]: To stop this insanity and turn off the BioAPI see the cure page here.

Dredd (2012)

I put this clip here not because it necessarily reflects any new information but instead shows us a more accurate view of how transparent and simple the pulling of thoughts is. I also like the context the mind reading is put in... she's judging people. Hence the title Judge Dredd, or more accurately the intentional omittance of the word judge from the title actually lends to the inverse in real life - they are you watching you and judging you. And you, with phase 2 being a requirement, will be found guilty. They will just keep testing you until you drop the ball. You won't even know it's happening.

In this movie a new judge is brought on board to help fight crime. She is a psychic in the movie, but as demonstrated across this site what you are seeing is real. As a subject thinks something, a handler, in this case represented by the blonde Anderson simply thinks the same thought and thereby knows what the subject (you) are thinking.

Picture Keanu Reeves in the above cover image from A Scanner Darkly (2006) with a scorecard for people that contract/catch phase 2. They are watching how you handle yourself and if they don't like you they elevate you within the program as they see fit. Trust me, they will 'dispense justice'; and it will not include letting you go. See the clip and complete description for Contracted (2013) showing this entire process from start -> zombie. For additional information on the concept of judging and redeeming oneself with respect to being a targeted individual and within the scope of the program see Daddy, I'm a Zombie (2011) on the cure page. The blonde, Anderson, as she walks around pulling and pushing thoughts from/to people is the exact and real equivalent of Obi-wan Kenobi in this clip for Star Wars (1977).

The Box (2009)

I thought I'd throw this in, it simply references the ocular implant. The guy says 'I'm looking at you right now...', but he's nowhere close. One of his employee's is standing outside the door, so he's obviously watching her through the employee outside.

But how? How can that be? BioAPI ocular implant, that's how. You may have this implant right now and not even know it.

Also see Minority Report (2002) for another loose but clear reference.

There is actually a lot happening with this movie that I have left out of this clip and description for the sake of brevity.

Android Insurrection (2012)

This movie is actually an extension of Earthkiller (2011) as it appears to be filmed on the same set and uses the exact same special effects and poor quality production and CGI. The entire movie is just as bad as Earthkiller and is easily dismissed if it wasn't for this one 5 minute scene I've included to the right. In this clip they tell you what has been done and what is happening right to your face through a simple narration of reality; if you can partially read between the lines. The production quality of the clip and movie are suppose to be poor, it helps the viewer (you) dismiss it's relevance and authenticity. The clip is generally more informative then it is entertaining.

Let's break down exactly what is real and why, even if its virtually impossible to believe. This web site is for people with a brain, so put on your thinking cap.

  • The robot talking to you, the viewer, has a relatively high level of artificial intelligence in the movie. This is real and as difficult as it is to believe there is a super-computer everyone on the planet is hooked up too and this computer has some level of AI; hence the concept and automation of the myth known as gangstalking (you have to live it to understand). Targeted individuals also know how automated and instant, yet unique the harassment can be. The only way this is possible is if a super-computer of some sort is doing a large majority of the harassment and monitoring. Notice in A Scanner Darkly (2006) @ 0:07 thru 0:17 in the clip/trailer, Keanu Reeves tells you 'whatever it is that's watching... it's not human'. This is also represented well in Tom Cruise's Oblivion (2013), no clip provided, where everyone was being controlled by or talking to a super computer with AI shown at the end. Notice how part of Oblivion is about lack of or manipulation of memory? This AI super-computer is referred to as 'the network' in The World's End (2013). It's also shown to us, very poorly, in the movie The Banshee Chapter (2013); a terrible movie but nonetheless when she finally finds who is doing the mind control, it's no one. It's computer (equipment) and a scary non-human biological entity. In fact the best way to think of it is Data from Star Trek. Your mind, including people with phase 1, has been extended by a Data or neural network virtual machine running elsewhere. This super computer controlling humanity is what the movie Transcendence (2014) is about. It probably cannot feel, but does measure, gauge and accurately account for every feeling to the neuron, phase 2 pending. If you are a high level thinker this AI supercomputer every one the planet is hooked up to constitutes complete 100% saturation and control over humanity, specifically via manipulation of memory, but it’s power and relevance is still only proportional to the amount of people that choose to remain connected to it. If everyone woke up tomorrow and disconnected your iPad would end up being more useful and powerful then the greatest AI supercomputer every conceived. This is how the financial system and legal system work too. All of which need you to validate it’s existence. It’s a trick in and of itself. They need you, desperately, to use their fiat currency, to believe their laws apply to you, and to remain wired. Note, this supercomputer can't just do anything it wants, as told to us in general with H+ @ 0:53 'there is a giant invisible hand that is gripping this very tightly...'.

  • @ 1:30 the robot says 'indeed, I am one of your creations.' Of course the AI supercomputer/nano-tech and what they are doing with it is man-made.

  • @ 1:53 the robot says 'the age of human kind is now gone.' This also is real, as every man women and child on the planet since 1999 has had their body extended with nano-technology (via phase 1 at least by chemtrails). Therefore we have already merged with machine, over a decade ago now.

  • @ 2:45 thru 3:15 the robot talks about how some [we can infer all because we know what is happening] people are androids. This is now obvious and does not have to be explained. Vexille (2007) comes to mind if you want to review that too. Again, "U R" the robot.

  • @ 3:17 the robot says there are two classes of robots. This is clearly a reference to the dual phases I repeatedly talk about throughout this site. Nice to see a movie has finally recognized it. It appears the two phases has also been addressed for us in Control Factor (2003) and Zombex (2013) where they even use the labels phase 1 and phase 2 as I have.

  • I've said before most people cannot comprehend their own reality, or grasp this web site. The robot says exactly this @ 4:04 telling you what is happening is 'outside of your spheres' [of comprehension].

As difficult as it is to believe the rest of the clip is also mostly real too, especially the reference @ roughly 3:50 to the fact that the robot's subjects or agents (people with phase 2 who cooperate) have duties to carry out. This is the equivalent to The Box (2009) clip above when he says @ 0:28 'I have many employees...', and the guy standing outside the window in The Box (2009) cover image is an example of this (also shown well @ 0:51). It's difficult for me to expand on this because no one will ever believe why or what is actually happening even if I clearly explained it. One major angle is they are creating illusions on a grand scale and people with phase 2 are typically used as pawns to assist in it whether they know it or not via suspension of memory. This web site is still just one level of what they are really doing; hence @ 2:35 the robot says '...we, have much work to do. work you cannot and will not understand'. Again, I could never explain to you the other 80% of what they are doing, you would not be able to comprehend or believe it; hence the robots comment. In any event every word the robot says could not be more true and is happening right in front of you every single day.

Most fools would laugh at this clip, it's actually quite awesome. If they were only using the BioAPI to create grand illusions for the populace at large it would be justified, and pretty awesome, for example 911 at least in part ("Allah" told them to do it, because he did... think). Unfortunately they also feel the need to physically nano-rape people that have done nothing to no one. This is the reason Data Asylum was released and I did not want to do it at all.

Shutter Island (2010)

Similar to Bandits (2001), the purpose of Shutter Island is to discount a side effect associated with the installation of the BioAPI. In this case phase 1 which impacts ever single person in the world. There is a side effect that involves a slight clicking or screeching sound within the skull occasionally. I added this clip for people who wish to know absolutely everything; it's acceptance or accuracy is not required for a greater understanding of what is happening.

The sound is very short (lasts about a split second), can happen about once a month or so, sometimes stops completely for years, and sounds similar to a micro-piezoelectric effect right in the center of your skull if you can imagine that. It's completely painless and probably happens while you sleep too. It's highly probable you've heard it but dismissed it, especially in and around 2001/2002 if you live in the southern United States which was a major phase 1 rollout timeframe. It seems to be much more prevalent during and shortly after the contraction of phase 1 (which, as per Zombex (2013) @ 6:00 in the clip, is over for everyone on the planet) and phase 2.

In this scene, Leonardo DiCaprio says his wife heard clicking sounds in her skull, and she was clearly crazy (killed her kids) as he is. It's quite subtle and high level but the point of the entire movie is to connect how crazy Leonardo and his wife are with the clicking sound heard in her skull. The insect comment is actually important too, it's used to disgust the viewer and thereby amplify the absurdity of a clicking sound in the skull (the viewer connects the two ideas together). So if you hear clicking sounds in your skull you must be crazy is obviously the point, this is what the viewer is suppose to take away and remember. This is the entire point of the movie and why it was released; psychological conditioning at its finest.

What DiCaprio is referring to is what you have to destroy if you want to be free.

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